Nuttal-Mayer Family Sponsoring Christopher and Alejandra Laynes


In 2014 while traveling with Julio Tours the Nuttall-Mayer family visitd Nicaragua and realized very quickly they wanted to contribute to the locals.  Beginning their journey in Managua they travelled to the poor area of Tola located on the southern coast of Nicaragua.  Touring around the countryside, they met the Laynes family and having two young children of their own, their son Ethan and daughter Maya, it was an obvious fit.  As the four children began to interact, Teresa and Brian immediately recognized the potential of Christopher and Alejandra.  It didn’t take long to decide that this is where the Mayer family would make their contribution.





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Christopher, the oldest of the two, spoke passionately about wanting to become a Doctor while his sister Alejandra wanted to learn English.  Through a generous donation from the “Nuttall-Mayer Family” of Colorado, USA, both Christopher and Alejandra Laynes began their scholarships in 2015 and are currently still enrolled in university.  Christopher is studying medicine with his long term goal of becoming a Doctor while Alejandra continues her English studies.




Many Thanks to the Nuttall-Mayer Family!