Cerro Negro Volcano Boarding, Pure Adrenaline Tour

 … the perfect exhilarating adventure tour for thrill seekers and those wanting something completely out of the ordinary


Julio Tours Nicaragua will pick you up at your hotel at 8am.  From your hotel we will drive in a comfortable air conditioned vehicle directly to Cerro Negro Volcano.  This is the second youngest volcano in the American continent.  Cerro Negro is one of the most active and most interesting volcanoes in the region.  The altitude is 726 meters above sea level and it is still growing.  It was formed in 1850, erupting 18 times since then, most recently in 1999 when it created a new crater at its base.

Once we have reached Cerro Negro just outside of Leon you will be provided with a pack that will contain coveralls, goggles, gloves, elbow and knee pads, a bandana to cover your face and of course your board.  You are encouraged to carry your own board but if this is challenging there are locals who will gladly do it for a small fee.  Prior to 2009 there was no marked trail.  Today this trail is classified as moderate to challenging depending on your physical fitness.  The hike from the base of the volcano to the summit will take approximately one hour.

Once at the top, you have plenty of time to walk around the crater and take photos of Nicaragua’s rich agriculture nestled amongst five other volcanos.  If you look carefully in the distance you can see as far as the Pacific Ocean.  The view is truly spectacular, with a myriad of colors in all directions along with the smoke from the gases, this tour is a visual delight and guaranteed to stand out from others.  

Getting back down to the bottom is much easier and takes much less time.  If you lose your nerve and decide not to board down the side of the volcano you can walk or run down the sandy slope in just ten minutes.  For you adrenaline junkies, boarding down Cerro Negro is a once in a lifetime story you will tell over and over again to your friends back home!


Sandboarding is an “extreme sport” and should only be taken on by people who are fit and in good health, however if you just want to come and observe and be included in the experience without actually sandboarding, you are welcome to join us.


Your Tour Includes

transportation to and from your hotel, tour guide, admission fee to the volcano, complete gear for sandboarding


Cost and Transportation

Toyota Haice minimum 7 persons to maximum 15 persons

7 to 10 people - $35 US per person

11 to 15 people - $30 US per person


Toyota Prado

1 to 2 people - $40 US per person

3 to 6 people - $38 US per person

Payment in US dollars or Cordobas only will be collected by Julio Tours at the beginning of the tour.


Please contact us with any questions regarding the tour at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.