Volcanoes, White Towns and Granada, Full Day Tour

… an interesting day of Nicaragua’s highlights, the perfect tour for anyone who wants to have an experience of Nicaragua but has limited time

Julio Tours Nicaragua will pick you up in a comfortable air conditioned vehicle at 8am.  Heading west we will pass by Momotombo Volcano, Managua City and Masaya Volcano where we will begin the first leg of our journey.  An impressive active volcano and Nicaragua's "first" National Park.  Since the Spanish Conquistadors arrived in Nicaragua in 1524 this volcano has been active.  The last major eruption was in 1776 when it destroyed the small town of Nindiri and recently in 1993 when many vehicles in the park were destroyed by rocks from the volcano.  There is also a very informative museum on site that we will visit and learn about volcanos from the inside out.

A short ways away we will arrive in the city of Masaya, also known as “La Ciudad de la Flores”, the City of Flowers.  It is known for its handy craft market and has endless choices for souvenirs to accommodate any budget.




Another short drive will land us in Catarina.  Considered one of the “White Towns” or Pueblos Blancos, no one knows why for sure, some say it is due to the color of the homes while others say witches or “witch doctors” live there.  Whatever the reason, the towns are well worth the visit.  San Juan Oriente is known for its pottery while Catarina offers a lovely view of its volcano crater Apoyo Lagoon and splendor from its many flowers and gardens.  When “Nica” people want pottery or flowering plants, they head to Catarina.

Leaving Catarina we drive south to San Juan de Oriente, another of the "White Towns" where we will have a chance to see the locals making pottery.  This is a great place to buy a piece of Nicaraguan pottery for your collection as well as an opportunity to contribute to the livelihood of the local artists.  

Our last stop will be the beautiful city of Granada.  Founded in 1524 by Francisco Hernandez Cordoba, Granada’s history is important to Nicaragua economically and politically.  Its amazing architecture has been well preserved, a distinction from many other cities in Central America. Discover the meaning behind "La Gran Sultana".  We will enjoy our time at La Calzada street known for its shops and wide open space and Parque Central with beautiful colonial houses all around and of course the grand Cathedral.


Your Tour Includes

transportation to and from your hotel, all admission fees, personal tour guide


Cost of Your Tour

1 to 2 people $190 US in total

3 to 4 people $90 US per person

Payment in US dollars or Cordobas only will be collected at the beginning of your tour.


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