Leon City, Colonial Historical Walking Tour

 …this is an easy, interesting and wonderfully visual tour for those with an appreciation for history, art and colonial architecture            


We will meet at the Sesteo restaurant on the corner directly beside the Cathedral in Leon's central park (Parque Central) at 8:30am.  This is a well-known location and easy to find.  If for any reason you are uncomfortable finding your way there, please let us know the night before and we would be happy to pick you up at your hotel.

We will begin our tour at Masuleo Park, known for its historical murals.  These murals tell a story beginning in 1520 just before the Spanish arrived in an attempt to conquer the indigenous people of Nicaragua.  Through pictures and personal stories you will come to understand the political strife the people endured and after great atrocities, finally rose above.

Next we will visit the Unesco World Heritage Site, Leon's magnificent catholic Cathedral.  Built in 1747 for the Spanish by the indigenous people, the Cathedral is an incredible example of colonial architecture.  After seeing the view from the roof of the cathedral you will understand why this is a must see destination when visiting Leon city.

We will visit the bustling central market where the locals shop for fruits and vegetables, traditional meals and you will have the chance to buy everything from cigars, coffee, and souvenirs from local artists.

Saving the best for last we will visit the Ortiz Gurdian Art Gallery.  This gallery holds a treasure for the eye to behold.  Opening in December 6, 2000 the Ortiz Gurdian Gallery is one of the most impressive galleries in all of Central America.  A collection so vast the Ortiz family had to have four buildings to display it.   You will see paintings from Armando Morales, one of Central America's most prominent artists, Humberto Calzada, a famous Cuban artist along with many others including the great "Picasso".


Your Tour Includes

all entrance fees, tour guide, transportation if required


Cost of Tour

$30 US per person

Payment in US dollars or cordobas only will be collected by Julio Tours at the beginning of the tour.


Please contact us with any questions regarding the tour at info @juliotoursnicaragua.com.ni