San Jacinto Hot Mud and Archeological Dig, Half Day Tour

 … a uniquely inspiring experience, if you have a passion for artifacts, and natural phenomena, this is your tour


Julio Tours will pick you up in a comfortable air conditioned vehicle at your hotel at 830am and take a short 25 minute drive outside of Leon City to the base of the Santa Clara Volcano where the gases from the volcano vent into the fields.  A truly unique experience due to the ever changing landscape from rain and other environmental factors.  

Upon entrance to the fields you will be amazed to see the locals selling artifacts for a very low price.  These artifacts were made by the Chorotega Indigenous people and history tells us these people made clay disks, whistles, beads, rattles and various other objects and threw them into the earth during planting season as gifts for the “gods” to ask for a healthy crop.  As well as the clay offerings, there are also axe blades made of various rock and other farming implements.  If you are interested in spear heads there’s plenty to choose from.

A short walk will bring us to the hot mud where we will see different pools of bubbling mud as the gas escapes from the volcano above.  After a careful walk through the mud field we will take a 1 kilometer hike to the crop fields and with a little luck we will find our own artifacts.  Imagine finding a pesto and envisioning the woman hundreds of years ago grinding corn.  A keyhole to the past.


Your Tour Includes

transportation to and from your hotel, admission fee, personal guide, bottled water, digging tools


Cost of Your Tour

$45 US per person

Payment in US dollars or Cordobas only will be collected at the beginning of the tour.


For questions regarding this tour please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.